Frequently Asked Question

Question: Does Bali Pet Shop provide vaccinations?

Answer: Yes, we do. Please make an appointment with our veterinary department.

Question: Is Pick-up and Deliver Grooming service available?

Answer: Yes, it is. We provide pick-up and deliver grooming service. Please Inform us at least one day advance before the pick-up day.

Question: I have a puppy/kitten, which is around 3 months old, but has not yet been vaccinated. Is it possible to groom it?

Answer: No, it is not possible. Puppies and kittens should be vaccinated before grooming

Question: My dog/cat has fleas. Is it possible to groom my dog/cat in Bali Pet Shop?

Answer: No, it is not possible. We want to prevent pets from spreading fleas to other pets. The solution is to give anti-flea powder to your dog/cat before they come to Bali Pet Shop.

Question: My dog/cat doesn't want to eat the new pet food that I bought in Bali Pet Shop. Do you have any solution?

Answer: Try to feed your pet by gradually mixing both pet foods. Start with a combination that consist of 80% of the previous pet food and 20% of the new pet food. Later you can change this proportion gradually until you can feed your dog/cat with 100% of the new pet food. Another tip is to mix the new pet food with canned pet food to boost your pet's appetite.

Question: Is there a boarding service in Bali Pet Shop?

Answer: No, there is not. We do not provide boarding service in Bali Pet Shop.

Question: Can I board my dog/cat in Bali Pet Shop for sale?

Answer: No, you cannot. We do not board a dog/cat for sale.

Question: Does Bali Pet Shop sell dog(s)/cat(s)?

Answer: Yes, we do. We do sell dogs and cats.

Question: What is the registration for?

Answer: To make a purchase on Bali Pet Shop website, you can only do it as a registered user. Membership allows you to:

  • Proceed through checkout fast when making a purchase
  • Check the status of orders
  • View past orders
  • Store alternative addresses (for deliveries to multiple family members or friends!)
Question: Is the shipping fee included in the total price shown on the website?

Answer: All prices given on the website exclude shipment fee. We will charge the shipment fee when you have chosen your product.

Question: Will we get confirmation after ordering?

Answer: Yes, you will. Your order is confirmed when you receive an order confirmation email, which includes an order reference number.

Question: What is the wish list for?

Answer: We will inform you via email about any new stock that is in accordance with your wish list.

Question: What payment method(s) is available in Bali Pet Shop?

Answer: Bali Pet Shop currently uses bank transfer as its payment method.

Question: Who will deliver/ship our purchased items?

Answer: Currently Bali Pet Shop is in cooperation with JNE, TIKI, and POS to facilitate deliveries.

Question: What if the item I want to buy is unavailable?

Answer: Please click on the 'Wishlist' button for each item. We will notify you via email whenever the item is re-stocked and available