How To Pay via Credit Card

1. Open an account on our website to enable you to shop online. (See How to Register Tutorial)
See: Register Instructions
See: Click Here To Login/Register

2. After log in, shop for product, and confirm your order (see How to Shop), you will be redirected to Doku Payment page shown as below


Figure 1

In this page, you had to fill your credit card number, expiry month and year of your card, and also the CVV number.

Before continue to "Pay", please check the amount of your order, and make sure the information shown are correct or else you could re-type to change it.

If you want to cancel current payment session, you could click "Back to Merchant". After that, click "Back To Home Page" in page shown as below


Figure 2

3. After clicking "Pay" you will be redirected to custom authentication page. This page will only appear depend on your bank and credit card policy, there is possibility this page will not shown and you will be directed to finish page shown as Figure 4.


Figure 3

In this step, please type the authentication code and click OK/Yes to continue.

4. If your transaction has been successfully proceeded, you will see the page as Figure 4, or else the transaction was failed, you will see the page as Figure 5. In these both pages, you will be automatically redirected to last confirmation or you could simply click on "Back to Merchant" button.


Figure 4


Figure 5

5. On the following page, there are Payment ID and Order ID, please keep both information for further confirmation to store. If previously your transaction was successfull, you will see the page as below and please continue by clicking "Back to Home Page". But if you previously encountered a problem, you will see the page as Figure 2.


Figure 6

Thank you for shopping at Bali Pet Shop.