How To Shop

1. Open an account on our website to enable you to shop online. (See How to Register Tutorial)
See: Register Instructions
See: Click Here To Login/Register

2. After log in, choose your product in the related category.


Figure 1


Figure 2

Click "Add to Cart" for fast check-out or for more information about a specific product, simply click on the product picture (example below), then click "Add to Cart" for check-out

3. After choosing all the products that you wish to purchase, scroll to the top of the page to click the "Cart" menu, where you can click the "Checkout" button to proceed for payment or "View Cart" to see the products you chose or to remove any item. See the figure below


Figure 3

If you click “View Cart”, the figure below will be shown from which you can also continue to the payment page.


Figure 4

Click the “x” button shown in the figure above to remove any item. Click “Check out” after reviewing all your items.

4. On the following page, you can click the button that represents your preferred payment method and shipping method. You can also choose “Pengiriman Kurir" if you would like to deliver your item by Courier Service and it’s free for order with minimum transaction Rp 300.000. For the payment method, there are two options: Bank Transfer and Credit Card


Figure 5

If you want to send the item(s) to a different address, click “I want to change address”. The shipping company options are; JNE, TIKI and POS. Depending upon the region you choose to send your item(s). Click “Continue” when finished.

5. After clicking “Continue” the next page will be confirmation page. Try to re-check again the payment method and shipping method that you've choose, also all the items that you would like to buy before the system calculate the bill. The page will be shown like shown below:


Figure 6

Click “Confirm Order” to continue.

If you chose Credit Card payment method, this is the last step and please see How To Pay via Credit Card, or else please continue the rest steps if you chose Bank Transfer

6. The last page shows your total bill.


Figure 7

7. To confirm your payment after transferring the money, please see your account page. First, click your account name on the top-right corner of the page. Second, click the “Order” button to show the bill that was recorded. Last, click “Upload Invoice”.
See: Click Here To Login


Figure 8

8. After clicking “Upload Invoice”, the next page is as below. First, click “File Upload” and chose the picture of your invoice, then click “Save Changes”.


Figure 9

Thank you for shopping at Bali Pet Shop.