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Food intolerances and allergies occur when your pet's immune system reacts to something, frequently quite innocuous. The gastro-intestinal tract and skin are two very sensitive organs which are exposed to all manner of things and sometimes the body can't cope. When this happens your pet's immune system reacts with food intolerance or allergies. 

Your cat will present with symptoms sch as increased itchy skin or diarrhoea because it is reacting to a specific ingredient in its food which is potentially allergenic, such as animal or vegetable protein. It doesn't matter how much or how little of something your pet's food contains, because even the smallest trace can trigger a bad allergic reaction. Unfortunately pet owners can only rarely identify the exact ingredient which causes an allergic reaction. Most pets don't suffer with extreme allergies but rather with a variety of food intolerances. No matter whether it is a clinically recognised specific food allergy or a more general intolerance of certain ingredients or nutrients, it can be distressing and worrying for you and your pet. 

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