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Double K Midnight White Coat Whitening & Brightening Natural Pet Shampoo Description

Double K Midnight White Shampoo

The Double K range has proven to be one of our top selling shampoo brands over the years and this is no doubt down to their proven results in the most extreme circumstances. The excellent cleaning power and high dilution rates mean these shampoos are fantastic value for money. 

MIDNIGHT WHITE professional shampoo cleans, conditions and brightens white coats and enhances coloured coats. Removes stains and odours. Leaves hair lustrous and healthy with a fresh clean scent! pH balanced especially for animals. The unique formula of MIDNIGHT WHITE with Aloe, Panthenol and Vitamin E gently cleans, while maintaining the natural moisture balance in both skin and hair. Great for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and all companion and farm animals.

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Berat 1200 gram
Dimensi (P x L x T) 7cm X 7cm X 25cm
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